100% made in the estate

All the different stages in the development of the wine-growing and wine-making processes are done on the BAUCHET estate, by the family and a qualified staff. In their case, there is no such thing as buying grapes, or must, or bottles all is MADE IN THE BAUCHET ESTATE.
In Bisseuil, two 8,000 kg state-of-the-art presses allow us to press gently the precious grapes to get a must that is as clear and limpid as possible.
12 “belons” (small open vats) collect the separate juices, namely the “cuvée” and the “taille”.
Only the most noble juices “cuvée” (extremely complex and aromatic) are included in the champagnes of the Bauchet range.
8 stainless steel vats allow us to “débourber” the “moûts” (filtering the deposit) before they are stocked in thermo-regulated vats, the most up-to-date items in wine-making technology. Reserve wines are kept in optimum condition.