250 000 bottles per year

After aging such a long time in the peace and quiet of underground galleries, the bottles are riddled, either by hand or automatically with gyropallets, so as to drive down to the neck of the bottles the dead yeast from the fermentation process, together with other deposits. The “dégorgement” (disgorging process) enables us to expel this deposit, and to dose the
Champagne with a liqueur, a blend of wine and sugar which is again a home-made recipe. The cork and wire-muzzle are then fitted to the bottle stamped with the symbol of the BAUCHET brand, the symbol of our passion and love for our job of wine-producers.
The last stage consists in carefully dressing the bottles with the finest labels and to
package them in cardboard boxes of 6 bottles, 12 half-bottles or 3 magnums, so as to protect them during the long trip which will take them to your table.
This way, more than 250,000 precious bottles are shipped every year to places around the world.